International Creeps

Earlier this morning I got a message on Stickam from some person in India. I’m all for making new friends, but from now on I may keep it local. The member icon had no image and you know if it has no image the message will be interesting.Image

The message starts off by calling me dear “Hello dear” That alone made me re-check the locks on my apartment door!

Then it goes on to talk about his favorite hobbies and how much my profile (which was plain) impressed him He goes on to say he wants to “discuss important matters” with me and “establish a long lasting relationship.” Sounds like a set up a president would use to have an affair with…oh it’s been done.

He goe son to give me his email address and follows it up with “Remember that age does not matter, what matters is idea and better understanding.” Thank you Dr. Phil, but while age may not matter, gender does! Unless Im sending you 10 cents a day for food and shelter, I’m not getting involved with a male from India!

And to add a twist he signs the message “Miss Fardioh” Miss? Now I’m really confused..and so is he/she whatever.

I’m not caught up with my geography, but since when did they get internet in India?