Facebook’s Friends Request ban and sham


For a million user and billion dollar site they’re not very bright.

Facebook will block you from adding people because they think you’re stalking the world.

If you look closely it says for sending requests to people “YOU don’t know.” Facebook doesn’t know who you know but the people you send requests to may decline your request. Afterwords facebook asks them if they know you in real life. More than likely they’ll click no causing the blockage on your account.

Here’s my problem. Facebook acccuses you of not knowing these people. How does Facebook know who you know? Heck, if my own parents don’t know all my friends how can Facebook?

The correct phrase is “Your account has been blocked for sending request to people who don’t know you.” But maybe they do know me just suffer from Alzheimers and don’t remember me. My own girlfriend declined me on Facebook because she thought I was a stranger.

Point is this block is kinda dumb Now I have to wait 30 days just to add my own sister. I know Facebook is trying to improve privacy but sending someone we might know doesn’t interfere with anyones privacy.