Why I Hate Homework


I’m not in school anymore. (Schools took a vote. I’m banned from every walking into one) but I remember the useless homework.

Ok sure, homework keeps our minds fresh and helps us learn, I get that but my problem is the pressure teachers and the school puts on us to do them when we can’t even graduate if we Aced then all.

I remember taking 5 tests per school year and each test was “The biggest test of the year” It would determine if I graduated or not. So basically all that homework was for nothing.

Sure, homework prepares you for the “big exam” but they add unnecessary pressure. Heck I had a panic attack once because I was overwhelmed with homework and the pressure was killing me. I had to be taken to the ER……there I was the only patient in ER doing homework at 7am. And for what? “Das congrats, because of your hard work and dedication you got 100% on your homework assignment.” A big smile crosses my face….” but you failed the ‘big test’ See you next year.”


In all fairness homework is important but nearly 300 days of homework should not go to waste over a few “big tests” Especially when a diploma doesn’t gaurentee success. Is the US becoming one of the dumbest countries? Yea but it’s not the fualt of the student. It’s time schools look at themselves, how they teach and most importantly WHAT they teach….dissecting that frog has yet to land me a job at the mall.


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