Activating Kindle Fire HD Camera

There are many apps in the kindle store that say they will activate the camera on the Kindle Fire HD device, they might but you don’t need them.

When I first got the Kindle Fire HD, I couldn’t find the camera, well not in the device anyway. I went into the “photo” tab and could NOT find the camera icon. So i started testing it. I went into the Facebook app and took a picture from there, that worked. So I knew I could take pictures using the facebook app.

After downloading some photos. I went back into my “photos” tab and like magic there was the little camera icon at the top right.


So there it is. Try taking a photo through facebook or saving a photo from the web and the camera icon should appear in the photo’s tab. If i could take photos of the icon i would. That’s how I “activated it” by accident…like this blog post.



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