Michael Jordan’s Bulls vs Lebron James` Heat


These debates never stop do they? Well I’m about to bring up some points never touched before.

Stats aside.

It is impossible to win a championship in the NBA with just one great player. The exception to Detroit Pistons who won with many good players but no real breakout star. So saying James nor Wade can win alone is not  a valid argument. History shows that you need two.

Smarter organization? Chicago Bulls. Why? Pippen and Jordan were Chicago Bulls born stars. Jordan didn’t come from Cleveland. Both players were drafted by the Bulls. It takes a good eye for talent to pick college players who can play well on your team. Kind of like Durant and Westbrook in OKC. Jordan I’m sure would have wanted a better point guard or Center, but you didn’t hear about him calling Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Stockton, Gary Payton etc asking them to take a pay cut to play for him.

What about the Paul Pierce Celtics? Again.  Different story. Garnett, Pierce and Ray Allen played many long rough years in the NBA. Over 40 years combined. They gave everything they had to their teams. When they finally won, no-one complained because all three men deserved it. That’s the key word DESERVED. I feel Lebron and Bosh gave up the fight too early for easy wins in Miami. Had James waited, he’d be  playing along side Kyle Irving in Cleveland making the game more competitive.

Remember Garnett and Allen were TRADED to Boston, not signed through free agency like Bosh and James.

Another point is in today’s game you can’t even look at a player without being called for a foul. In the 1990’s you would be knocked on your behind and no foul would be called. No handchecking. A much rougher and physical game. James as strong as  he is wouldn’t be able to just walk to the basket, he’d be met by 2 or 3 defenders ready to knock him on his butt. They’d still be good players, but not great. The defence was fiercer back then too. Bad boys of Detroit would have been itching to get their shot at James and Wade.

The overall style of play was different. Many rules have been changed to make it “safer” for players. Also no clear path foul where the player gets 2 free throws AND possession of the ball. That’s a 5 point possibility. Too easy.

Which team is better? On paper Miami Heat. They have Allen, JR Smith, Bosh, James, Wade, several 3 point weapons and 2 point guards than can score 30. But on the court Bulls take the cake. There were other teams in the 1990’s that were stacked with talent but lost to two different Jordan teams and the second team 1998 team was probably the worse team on paper, but they made it work.