Who is Je fa fa Dunham


That’s what Jeff’s purple character Peanut called him. For those who don’t know like meĀ  Jeff is the world’s most popular ventriloquist. Yeah, you’re probably thinking…Pass!

So did I. I added one of his videos to my watchlist on Amazon Prime. I went weeks without watching it, ignoring it and skipping over it to watch “something better.” One day I felt like watching something, but not a movie. I watched one of his videos (Arguing with Myself) and I was hooked.

What makes him so good is he gives each “dummy” a unique personality and voice. There’s Walter the grumpy old man, Peanut the goofball, Jose Jalapeno…..on a stick (the Mexican from Florida) and of course the controversial Achmed the Dead Terrorist whos really a kind hearted skeleton who tries to act scary. These 4 characters are the main ones Jeff uses and every line “they” speak is a punchline. He does such a great job you forget someone else is talking. It’s like watching The Muppet Show, you start to believe they’re real. Give him a try.

If you’re thinking no way. Rethink. Jeff Dunham has sold out places all over the world, why he has a few youtube videos with over…get this 30 million views…on one video alone! The second closest has 25 million.

Look at it this way WWE has 522 Million views on Youtube. Jeff has 103 million….difference? WWE has 13,000 more videosĀ  Jeff only has 100. Mutiply that by six hundred videos that`s 600 million views, surpassing WWE and still 13, 000 less videos. That shows you how good this guy is.