Derrick Rose: The Return that will never be


He was supposed to return in Feb. After a serious injury. The debate is should he return this year or next? He is medically cleared to play  but he feels he is not ready. He wants to be able to dunk off both legs and do those two handed jams we saw  on espn from him before.

He shows up to home games dressed to play, is practising hard and shooting alot. He is ready to play just not 100%

I say play. Bulls are in the Playoffs and need a scorer badly. If all he can do is shoot and  play defense I’ll take it, because that is what the Bulls need. They don’t need highlight dunks, Just points.

There is no guarantee the Bulls will make the playoffs next season. Trade talks have been flowing about Deng and possibly Boozer. So there is no next season. As  Jordan once said “I play every game as  if it were my last.”

There were many games the Bulls have lost by one or two points, because they had  noone to give ball too. Sure  they beat the Heat with not just Rose out but 4 others guys were out. Still, they don’t need an explosive Rose, they just need another scorer, another shooter and a defensive presence. Rose can do all 3. They don’t need him next season they nee  him now.


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