Racism in America. White man killed by four blacks.

Black man kills white man and noone cares. George Zimmerman on the other hand kills a black guy (case is currently on HLNTV) and there is practically a riot from the black community screaming racism. Millions of people flocked to Facebook creating Treyvon support pages and anti racism pages……

And yet here we have a story of not one, but four black men who kill a white man.


According to the reports (and there are very very few) The victim (Joshua Heath Chellew 36) did not know those men. They simply jumped him at a gas station, started punching him. The witness said that Joshua tried to escape through the street when he was knocked down then struck by a car where he later died. The driver was not in connection to the attack, the driver puled over and called 911 and turned himself in. No charges were given to him since it appeared to be an accident.

The following four suspects are charged with felony murder, aggravated assault and violation of the Georgia Street Gang Act.  They are currently being held without bond at the Cobb County Adult Detention Center.

– Jekari Strozier (19-year-old male from Mableton, Georgia)
– Antonio Pass (18-year-old male from Mableton, Georgia)
– Johnathan Anthony (18-year-old male from the Mableton, Georgia)
– Kemonta Bonds (18-year-old male from Mableton, Georgia) source -myfoxatlants

We see on TV the Zimmerman trial. Was it racism or self defense? Meanwhile these four men committed what seems to be a racist act themselves. Where is the outrage?  Where are the facebook pages defending and supporting Joshua. Where are the “Justice for Joshua” signs at?

This just goes to show how much racism still exists today. A black man gets killed by a white person and it’s automatically assumed racism. A black man kills a white guy and no one cares. I’m not saying the attack was due to racism, we don’t know and I won’t jump to that conclusion. What I am referring to is how quiet the media and the public is. Are they the racist ones?

Someone brought up a very interesting conversation they said:

They have BET (Black Entertainment) Blacksinglesmeet or whatever the dating service is and Black History Month. is it just me or doesn’t that sound just a tad racist? I mean, sure, BHM is a good month where we show respect to those that have made in impact in history, but why call it Black History Month? There’s no white history month. I do not mind discussing great black leaders or men in history, but giving them a month dedicated just for blacks seems a little racist. Then add a TV channel just for blacks, then numerous dating services just for blacks. Has Martin Luther Kings dream ever come to pass?

The answer is yes. Compared to where this country used to be in racial separation, we have improved, but we still need alot more work to do. What do you think? Was this attack done due to racism and how do you think this country has handled racism? Comment below.

As of Saturday July 13. George Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY on the death of a black teen. Jury says it was in self defense, I realize it is hard to understand, but here is how I look at it. If Zimmerman intended to Kill Treyvon he would have just shot him in the back. There wouldn’t have been a fight.. The prosecution had virtually nothing to work with and the defense did a very good job. maybe next time they’ll hire Juan Martinez to prosecute.


12 comments on “Racism in America. White man killed by four blacks.

  1. First, Zimmerman isn’t white he is Hispanic. Second he killed a 16 year old child. It shouldn’t matter if the kid was white or black. He was a kid. This world is a disappointment. We are all people and we all deserve equal rights!


    • Yeah, He does look hispanic when i read the reports it didn’t make sense to me, but regardless, jury believes he is innocent so as far as the record books go. It was self defense.


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    • Because this isn’t a news site. The main subject is about me being an author and that’s what I want to focus on on the main page….though that’s worth considering.


  3. it’s really too bad that in america these days, our school systems fail to teach kids what the constitution is, what the bill of rights is and what exactly equal rights FOR ALL mean. instead, the schools focus more on who can throw or catch a ball. equal rights means exactly that….equal rights for all…not just minorities.

    hence, we have a nation of morons who react with emotions and not logic. often verdicts don’t go the way we like, but, it’s our system of justice and we have to accept that. but, after seeing the news today about all the protests, it appears people would prefer vigilante justice over civil laws.

    furthermore, we have many black leaders who dwell upon racial issues to further their own political/social careers, and too many ignorant and uneducated people that don’t know, or prefer not to know, the difference.

    what amazes me is, here we have a race of people who fought so hard for equal rights, to be accepted into america’s system, and yet, they’re the first ones willing to deny these rights to others.

    go figure.

    apparently living on a one way street is the norm these days.


  4. These are two entirely different cases and situations. In the Zimmerman case, a 17 year old young man was shot and killed and no one was arrested for two moenths becuase it was cosnidered “self defense.” There had been a rash of robberies in the area so Zimmerman was on the lookout for “black males” becuase that was the description given of the robber. I am Hispanic and I do not think Zimmerman was a racist, BUT he was definitely racially profiling based on the robberies that had taken place in the area. Theminute he decided to get out of his car and follow Trayvon, he was in the wrong. Imagine how Trayvin must have felt to have a grwon man following him in the dark. He did what anyone would do and defended himself. Why do the Stand Your Ground Laws not apply to him? Let’s be honest, If the situation had been reversed, Trayvon would have been questioned immediatley and they would have asked questions later. No anwer he gave would have been sufficient. he would have been prosecuted and he would have spent many years or the rest of his life in jail for killing a man. Taking that walk chnaged the course of his life becuase it was a no win situation for him. His options were edn up dead or end up in jail.
    In the case you reference above, they attacked him and when he tried to flee he was hit by a car. They did not kill him. Please understand, I am not saying they are innocent at all. Their actions led to his death and they should be brought to justice for that, BUT isn’t it ironic that Zimmerman’s actions (following Trayvon and getting out of the car to confron him after he was told by police not to) led to Trayvon’s death, yet he is innocent and was not arrested for 2 months. Notice how these 4 men were immediatley arrested and charged with felony murder. My point is not that they should not be charged becuase I believe they should be, but that their arrest was swift and immediate. There was no consideration given to the fact that they only intened to beat him and not kill him. My heart goes out to the young man’s family becuase he did not deserve to dies in this manner, but the reason it did not receive as much media attention had to do with the fact that perpetrators were immediatley arrested and as sattistics hsow, all 4 of those black men will spend far longer in prsion than any white man that has committed a similair crime would spend in jail.
    The outrage and cries of racisom in the Zimmerman case are the result of Zimmerman not being arrested, the shoddy police investigation that took place. There was a total lack of regard for Trayvon’s life.


    • According to actual reports Zimmerman never spoke to the Police, but to a 911 operator of sorts. And I use the 4 men as a comparison, different cases yes, however you pointed out that the 4 men had intentions to just beat the guy up not kill him. According to the defense for Zimmerman he did not have any intentions to harm Treyvon. The 4 men also had witnesses around. Noone was around to defend Treyvon. Really both cases have nothing in common except race. You are right, the outrage ha smore to do with the delay of legal action than anything. Still despite a very good and convincing defense team the black community wa snot happy.


    • George Zimmerman would have been suspicious of anyone roaming around in the rain wearing a hoodie. My son was attending college and living in an luxury apartment community where there had been multiple burglaries and they asked everyone to be aware. I happened to be visiting him and he was jogging and I was walking behind him and we were on the path to the lake and their were two couples talking and I saw them looking at my son in a way that made me feel uncomfortable, but I knew that they had never seen him before and they were just being aware that he could be someone who did not reside there and could possibly be the person breaking into cars & apartments. We are white and one of the men was black, so would he have been suspicious if it had been a young black man jogging? I believe the answer would be yes, if someone is unfamiliar to you it raises a red flag, and I believe that is what happened to George Zimmerman. He was not arrested because he was protecting himself, this was not a stand your ground case, and was never presented that way in court. Zimmerman was only arrested because of the pressure that was placed from the community and black leaders who called it racism. My heart goes out to Trayvon’s family especially his mother who must question herself for making the decision to send him to stay with his father while he was suspended from school. I believe both Trayvon & Zimmerman acted with emotion instead of right-judgement. Many lives were changed by this tragic event and hopefully this will never happen again.


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