5 Things We Hate About Facebook.

And in fairness this has very little to do with the social network itself and lots more to do with the people and how they choose to use it.

1. First and the most annoying and offensive.

People who exploit children with disability, cancer victims etc for likes. As an author I’ve researched how to market

images (1)

on Facebook and one of the suggestions is to get likes and shares. That brings attention to your page. bringing you  higher chance of making a sale. I think it is sick and very disrespectful for these pages that represent absolutely nothing to go around begging for likes and shares. Look at the image to the left. Doesn’t that just make you shake your head? That’s just one example of millions. Then we have the ones with God….don’t even get me started on those….wait I’m already started. Using the name of God for attention, and using guilt for likes? There are real people with….bah that’s enough ranting on this one.

2. Sensitivity- Drama 

When we hang out with friends and we see one is angry, we stay away and not say a word. On Facebook we don’t know how angry someone is so we type some words of encouragement then get verbally assaulted.

Many users are extremely stubborn and very sensitive. I was removed as a friend simply because I don’t like politics.You truly do see another side to people. One they keep somewhat hidden in public,  but Facebook is public. Not public like the mall, but more people see your emotional outburst on Facebook then they would at the mall. Trust me, people do see it. if you ever wonder why you are single, take a look at your own wall, might give a clue.

Many think because it is the internet they can curse at people, threaten you, wish upon your death etc. There are laws protecting us from online harassment. Numerous people (mainly teens) have been arrested and/or given warnings by police. The monitor (or computer screen) does not protect you. I could go on for hours about facebook drama, but I wont.

3. Racial Comments.

This has been going around a lot, especially now that the George Zimmerman trial has ended. When you read initial reports. One would thing Zimmerman was a racist and the whole 


death of Treyvon was due to his skin color, but the case goes deeper than that. However, most don’t care. Anytime a black person is left out or killed by another race it’s automatically assumed racism and they want nothing more than to vent.. And we are seeing that full blast on Facebook. Blacks bashing whites, Whites bashing hispanics (mainly Mexicans) and everyone bashing “Indians.”  I’ve never been a racist. i can understand why some people are, but most of it is plain ignorance. It’s embarrassing  it’s almost as if we are failing as a country.  it’s 2013 it’s time people mature and stop passing on their racism mentality to the kids so we-or at least they- can live peacefully.

4. Public Display of Affection.

I don’t mind if couples write on each others walls to see how they’re doing and such, but the constant “I love him” “I Miss him,” “Thinking of him” then the “I love you” wall post and the half a million photos of them together is irritating then in a few months they split up and we see them do it again with someone else. And in between new found love they talk about missing the person, thinking of the person, wondering why it ended. I don’t know which is worse the affection or the breakup. All I know is girls especially, are depending on male happiness too much. They act as if they can’t survive without it. Desperate to find love and even more desperate to hold on to it. It’s very unhealthy for the females to be dependent on males that much. That is why girls fall for the wrong guys….but that’s a story for another time.

5. Anti God postings.

You know that commercial for State Farm where the blond walks up to the guy and says “if it;s on the internet it must e true” being sarcastic ofcourse. Isn’t it ironic how since the internet more people have been not only backing away from God but disrespecting him altogether? It is not because there is “evidence” that he doesn’t exist, because there is just as much evidence proving he does. So what’s the deal? the deal is people would much rather read a 2 page blog, than the Bible. They also accuse us of “forcing” our beliefs on everyone else when they are forcing their disbelief on us by posting those anti Jesus or anti biblical photos. I said this way back in 2001 that wherever Satan is he has a laptoop in front of him, because the things I have seen written about God can only be driven by the devil himself.

Anywho, those are the top 5 I could get from facebook fans and others. What are the top 5 reasons you dislike Facebook?



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