Warning to Kindle Fire Users. Apps


While I love my Kindle and I plan to use it as the flower girl at my wedding. There is a major problem with the apps. I needed to warn other users so they do not waste precious time signing up for special offers to get in game credit that never appear for the reason below.

The Kindle Fire and KFHD are android devices just like the Android phones and tablet. While they are all android devices they don’t get their apps from the same source. Android devices use google play for apps. Amazon uses their own app store. They do this so no one has to leave Amazon.com. Music, movies, books and games are all on amazon’s own app store, video store and music store.

The problem is this. Since most app developers focus more on android devices with Google Play, Kindle Fire users are often left out of important updates. I have played Prehistoric Park on my Kindle Fire and according to their facebook page they made an update for Apple Itunes users and released one for android users a week later….Android users..on google play that is. Since amazon uses their own app store, they don’t get this update.

I completed two offers to get gold coins in the game. three months later I have yet to see those gold coins. Why? Simple, the offers are for Google Play users NOT Kindle Fire users. Yup the games “customer service team” still hasn’t figured that one out yet. Other games allow you to check your high scores with other uses. Problem is the scoreboard/ranking is set up for Google Play users, not Kindle Fire. You would think they’d mention that in the amazon app description or somewhere. The Facebook app, wont upgrade either. despite the app ending me alerts telling me to upgrade, but I can;t the upgrade is for Itunes and Google Play users.

So, while amazon uses their own app store they use most of the same games developed for Google Play Store, which means you, or us as Kindle Fire users will be cheated out of earning in app game credits and updates. The developers did not customize the apps for Amazon. (some do update apps for KF, but not all.)

Let’s run through this together because even I am confused.

Google Play Store is for Android devices

Kindle Fire is an Android device

Amazon did not want to pay licensing fees for Google Play.

End result: We get many of the same great games… with far less features. The funny thing is. Amazon Kindle app store is doing far better financially than Google Play……..Nothing makes sense in the world of business does it?

Before you spend money on in app features, make sure your app actually upgrades. Otherwise you’re paying money to still be at a huge disadvantage. And don’t expect to get a response from the app developers. They’re just as confused.


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