Book Review: StepFather from Hell


My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a toughy. As a person who has written a “bio” of sorts (My Life as Every Bully’s Favorite Victim) it is difficult to put years of abuse into a book and have it all make sense. Every negative review is correct as far as repetition goes and writing skills (something James mentions in the opening.)If I did my math correctly, the guy is in his mid 40’s as he wrote this, yet sounds like a kid. That’s fine, he’s been through alot of trauma, physical and mental abuse. It is natural, heck same happened to me. I don’t have the best grammar either and certainly not the best writer. Instead of criticizing we should be happy he is even able to tell his story.

If this were a movie that guy Rob would have been killed by the little boy. (Rob is one of the abusive ┬ámen.) There were several weapons in the house. I probably would have. Jail would seem like a vacation from living with that man. As the story continues I became angry more with James (the boy) than the abusive Rob! Mainly because he ran away and returned to the house. he thought he had no choice, and while this was a different country, different year etc. I’d take my chances in the streets.

I don’t know if he is a success story, but he seemed to grow and become a better man than most. he seems to know how to treat his kids far better than the male influences in his life. I guess in that aspect he is a success story. I think the worse part of this story is that it’s becoming a bit to common. Glad he turned out alright.

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