Atheist vs Christians: Who’s Shoving What Where?


As the years go on the battle between believers and non believers continue. Atheist vs. Christians. As a Christian myself, I’ve been in the battle.

Many people, even those who are not Atheist claim Christians “shove their beliefs down our throats.” Is that really true? Are we forcing our beliefs on non believers?

I have yet to actually see Christians do that. On the other hand science classes discuss their theory on how this world came about, testing us on it, grading us on our knowledge of it, forcing us to know about that stuff. Giving us the Atheist perspective. Some would say they are teaching Atheism. That is shoving their disbelief down our throats. Church is voluntary, school is not.

I bring up schools because at a very early age they teach us about the world’s creation and it is not the Biblical explanation. Isn’t it a contradiction that we say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning, which mentions God in it yet we discuss every theory but the Biblical explanation for the world’s creation? Isn’t it a contradiction that our money has the words “In God we trust” yet we allow schools to teach us the opposite of what the God says? Prayer isn’t allowed in some schools, Bible’s aren’t allowed either? Why are Atheist complaining? Schools are working more with them than against them!

So either it is a contradiction or this country simply believes in God but not the Bible. But how can you believe in God without believing in the Bible when the Bible is what teaches us about who God is? Forget Atheist groups trying to remove God from The Pledge of Allegiance and money, the country as a whole doesn’t even give much importance to it. So, if America as a whole doesn’t really notice it why should Atheist even bother? I view many Americans treating God like a banana ┬ápeal. They see it then toss it away, not really caring much for it. So if “believers” are brushing God off, why should Atheist even care?

You never hear about Christians filing a lawsuit against Atheist groups so why are they suing us?

Fear? Anger?

The say because they are “offended” by these religious photos, posters, murals etc. Really? So the headline should say “Person’s feelings are hurt due to photo of Jesus.” That sounds so..I can’t even find the proper word. Use whatever word you want but being offended by a cross is simply untrue. Being offended when someone verbally attacks your God, your religion, your beliefs. That is offensive.

Anger? I’d say it’s ┬ámore anger than anything for many Atheist. I spoke to several of them and some said they don’t believe in God because he has let them down many times. Basically most of the ones I spoke to have had doubts and problems. Times where their faith had been tested and they failed, thus becoming angry with God and making accusations that God is false and what Bible says is untrue. When we get angry with someone many of us seek revenge. When someone has hurt us we want revenge. Well that’s exactly what many of these Atheist are doing. They are either angry at God or Christians, hurt that God “let them down.” So they want God gone from their sight.

Most will tell you at the start that they just don’t believe in God, then add some layers to cover the truth, but deep down inside there is some emotional reason.

I talk to my friends about God, but I certainly don’t force it and know when to change subject. Don’t see me suing them if they disagree. You are in a God country, it’s like going to a Iraq and complaining about Muslims. You know what it’s about so why complain?

All these Atheist are doing is causing more separation. More divisions between believers and non believers. Creating a deathless war. Then again if the people in Biblical times doubted God’s existence when his own son was preaching about it, what’s to expect of people today?